In an International market, you have a significant larger reach, yet also more competition. The more reason to be yourself and share your unique approach. Like a fingerprint or DNA, your uniqueness in the world is your entrepreneurial power when emphasized. Don't let anyone feed your self-doubt. Stick to your message and keep moving forward. Make sure that not being a native in all the markets you target, doesn't become an excuse, or a speed bump.

You can't do things perfect, since perfect for the one, is imperfect for the other. So get rid of perfectionism and remember perfect often makes customers feel they’re presented with something too 'salesy'. Go with authentic and as long as there aren’t any major problems in understanding what you sell, people won’t mind if it’s not flawless. They want value and the knowledge you offer about your niche.

Too often we compare where we're at, to where others are. This makes us...

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The International Entry Checklist

Check if you are on track before your International Launch