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In a crowded market, the first impression is often the only chance you get. People scroll on in seconds if you don't capture their attention in a fast, unique and refreshing way.

I have the perfect course for you, designed to help you capture and communicate the essence of your brand that sets you apart from the competition in times where artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at a speed way beyond our imagination.
Human touch is more important than ever.

Each week is packed with valuable lessons. You'll have lifetime access to the course and all updates, ensuring that you always have the latest information and strategies at your fingertips.

Do you recognize this?

Creating content is not your core business. You know you have to be present online to stay noticed, but you don’t want to spend more time behind the screen.

You find it hard to:

✓ Get more social media engagement
✓ Create not only automated, but an authentic & constant stream of content
✓ Spend any more time online than necessary
✓ Find appealing pictures, angles, light and colors
✓ Find the right platforms for creative posts

You want to learn to:

✓ Craft compelling messages in less time
✓ Identify scroll-stopping elements
✓ Transform your message into visual content
✓ Increase engagement with effective techniques
✓ Produce engaging videos, Reels, and concise captions

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7 Tips to Improve Your Content

Create engaging content while spending less time online and more time doing what you love.


Video Masterclass

Start effortlessly attracting your customers instead of chasing them.


10-Week Signature Course

Grow your brand, your business and conversions with storytelling through pictures.


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Get exclusive access to tips, tricks, insights and inspiration on picture storytelling, as well as valuable resources to help you.

By the end of this course you will have:


Developed a high-converting picture content strategy


that represents an appealing offer that enrolls the best people into your course or online business in the most authentic way.


Validated stories that support business growth


before posting content, to make sure your audience is excited to invest, and you can create stories that convert with ease.


Implemented a fast way to convey your message 


instead of spending time just trying to see what works, create compelling stories that will attract your ideal customer.


Expertly created website, course and social content


even if you feel like you lack creativity and have never made converting content through storytelling with pictures before


Leveraged powerful stories that represent you


to get possible clients onto your website and social media channels and have them return because they love what you do.


Crafted compelling posts that breathe authenticity


and amplify your digital product to make sure your clients can relate to your content and keep buying from you.


"Hi, I'm Karin Naudin. I've bundled my years of experience as a photographer and copywriter and can't wait to take you on a journey that will bring you insights, inspiration and save you time, money and energy."

"I'm determined to help you succeed. You’re not in this alone."

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