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Do you want to start an online business or are you already running a successful business in your home country in your native language? 

My Done For You service and online program: International Online Business will help you set up your cross-border business and work out a strategy to launch in English, the most represented language online.

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Outsource this essential piece of the action that will increase your reach big time!

Are you this online entrepreneur, aware that your reach is many times greater if you focus on global entrepreneurship? Or are you starting an online business and are you unsure whether you want to take on the extra challenge of starting internationally right away?

I help you switch to the online Kajabi platform where I set up your website and help you with your International game plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

The future of business is global. Due to globalisation and the Internet it is now easier than ever before to begin a (branche of your) company cross border. 

Also accepting payments from international consumers has become more seamless than ever, you can enter markets overseas nearly barrier-free.

A Global mindset helps you process information, traditions, and cultural norms from around the world. Being able to conceptualize how to make an impact in different environments, is the key to global success.

Globalisation enhances free trade and communication between nations, increases access to education, technology, healthcare, media, consumer goods, and other resources. 

You don't want to worry about translation issues and all the questions that are in your way of taking action. I make sure you know I appreciate your business and know your time is valuable. 

Outsourcing improves your focus on what you're good at.

My mission is to create the best conditions for doing business cross border. In order to accomplish this, I help you to overcome your personal boundaries of doing business international and making business globally far easier than you thought possible.

According to statistics, English is the most represented language online, with more than 25% of internet users worldwide. This is not a surprise as English was the founding language of the internet and has been dominating the internet languages for many years.

Unless your Chinese is fluent, which is the second biggest language used on the Internet, I'd strongly advise you to turn to English. 

Another option to consider is translating your website in many languages so your site is accessible in more than one language. However when you are a personal brand, people want to see and hear your online presence. In videos, seminars, events, etcetera.

That too requires a language that is widely accepted.

There has not been a better time to do business worldwide! The internet needs YOU to share your expertise.

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