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Picture storytelling

There is a fair chance that when you see or hear the word “storytelling”, you imagine someone reading from a storybook. Not very businesslike right?

How does storytelling relate to business?

The skill of storytelling has everything to do with the ability to communicate. It helps you turn complex matters or professional jargon into a language that your prospect is familiar with.

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Connect with you potential clients on a strategic, logical and emotional level.

I help business owners connect with their potential clients with captivating, clear messaging that sparks curiosity and inspires action. 

Transform your business from a storytelling point of view.

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Storytelling is a language.

A language that is spoken all over the world, because it’s based on emotions and emotions are universal.

Now the aspect of emotions in business is highly undervalued. Business is logic, facts & figures. Businesses communicate in PowerPoints and excel sheets.

Business owners and managers value clear communication and professionalism as important factors in their company and without a doubt, they are. You can imagine that doesn't mix well with the creativity and wild imagination that storytelling requires, so it’s oftentimes been put aside as irrelevant and time consuming.

However storytelling is a crucial factor in business success. It is part of branding yet at the same time that is precisely why the power of storytelling gets highly underestimated, since branding is often outsourced.

Storytelling, on the other hand, is a skill you want to pass on to anyone who communicates your company's identity. Colleagues, employees, as well as subcontractors and creatives you outsource work to.

I help you and your business create an evergreen strategy that keeps this massively important skill onboard and create inspiring content with ease.
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