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Build an Online Business & Get the Best Reach Worldwide!

Have you imagined giving people worldwide access to what you know, but do mindset and overwhelm keep you stuck, because English is not your first language?

 I help people just like you!

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Build an Online Business & Get the Best Reach Worldwide!

Have you imagined giving people worldwide access to what you know, but do mindset and overwhelm keep you stuck, because English is not your first language?

 I help people just like you!


Sell Your Digital Product to the Largest Possible Market

I help you succeed in creating a global online business, even if English is not your mother tongue, so you can start helping clients from all over the world!

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My Top Tips & Tricks
on How to Launch
in a Foreign Market

Read this before you start and find out:

✓  The most common mistakes to avoid
✓  How to do research before you launch
✓  How to break through in a crowded international market

✓  The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes when expanding from a domestic to an international market, is to just copy and translate the content you already have. Each market has its own specialties. For example, if you want to focus on India, you should know more about Indian background and culture. If you target Bahrein, New Zealand or Scotland, you need to study those. 

The question arises: should you use both your own language and English? You need to start with making a choice and stick with it. Read more in this article to find out why it might be best to choose only English. 

Even if you have serious plans about an international launch, you might still have second thoughts, doubts, and fears. That is understandable since it can be overwhelming to head towards a massive reach and cross-border success. What would people around you think if you sell for $2 million a year? These numbers are not that unreal when you do this well. 

How can you get over these doubts and stretch your comfort zone? Find some useful tips here.

✓  How to Do Research Before You Launch

Launching worldwide isn't for everyone. You have to be open-minded, not afraid to climb up the bigger stage and aim for the highest reach possible with your online courses or membership sites. Before we go into how to do research, be aware of the danger of a closed mind and prejudice. Read about it here. 

You can use various methods of international market research to find out information about markets per country, people and their needs, global market trends, customer satisfaction and competitors. 

Customer feedback needs to be at the heart of your decisions, from the development of your product, to pricing, market segmentation and analysis. Act on the feedback and the data your gather. 

Gather facts & figures, for instance, by making use of pre-built surveys or have automated stats analysis, so you can get the insights you need to focus on, share the results across your team, and make straightforward changes when needed. That way you can learn a great deal about your customers worldwide, their needs and how to meet those needs. You don’t even have to be an expert at methods of research. Read this article for more information about International market research.

✓  Break Through in a Crowded International Market

Think of this – You have online courses on how to create beautiful and delicious cakes. You also have a lot of competitors in the cake-baking industry. Many of your competitors will want to get in front of your potential customers, with their version of the perfect cake. So even if you have a valuable solution for your customer's needs, it is vital your are genuine and unique, otherwise reaching out to the right people can be truly challenging in a global market.

What can you do to have your digital product stand out?

Check These 4 Steps to Help You Stand out From Market Noise:

Step 1 Be Clear About Why You Do What You Do

Many call this passion. If you can imagine and truly feel that you love what you do and want to bring over to others, you have found your WHY. This will give you the superpower to do what it takes to build, launch and get international success. 

Step 2 Narrow Down Your Niche

You can be sure that many others offer an online course, similar to yours. Here is why it is smart to narrow down your niche. Instead of offering a cake course to everybody, you will profit if you go for a smaller segment, as specialistic part of cake-making.  

Step 3 Get to Know Your Ideal Customers Before You Start Global Marketing

You'd expect marketing to start with publishing content in different channels like your website, social media and articles to attract potential customers, to build an e-mail list and get people who are interested into a sequence where they get an offer. However, when you base your content on research, you’ll understand much more about your potential clients, than just age, gender, occupation and so on. You will be able to tailor your content and product, to the needs of your clients worldwide. 

Step 4 Build Your Online Business With Ease and Success 

When you follow steps 1-3 above, you gain in-depth knowledge of your customer and you can both tailor your products and do your marketing so that it will meet your customer’s needs, on a level that is built for them. 

It is also vital for your business to use the right tools at the right stage of your business, so that you don’t end up with software that slows down your mission. Invest in the best platform to run your courses from. My personal all time favorite is the all-in-one platform Kajabi, that I work with. Feel free to contact me for any Kajabi questions, but remember I am not totally independent, I am a sucker for this platform. :)

Yes... I know that's a lot of info! Let me help you ditch the overwhelm and branch out internationally even though English is not your first language! Please check the year program below and let me help you support your business for international growth.

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