There is a good chance, you might not even realize what a GREAT advantage it is, to be a native English speaker when having an online business. English is the founding and number 1 language of the Internet, with roughly 2 billion English speakers, of which more dan half speak it as a second language. That makes it the largest language by number of speakers (native & non-native). 

If you are a native English speaker, you can multiply your reach big time, by considering organizing your courses in such a way that they can be optimally distributed and received internationally.

For non-native English speakers, choosing English for your business does not mean you don’t appreciate your local customers and language. It means you make an incredible wise business decision. What you offer is valuable for people, so why limit yourself and your prospects by borders or language. 

Research has shown, that the number one non-native English speaking country in the...

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kajabi online business Mar 09, 2020

No matter what your current business state is, starter or experienced, there are impressive tools that can save you tons of time, automate global marketing activities, and save you lots of money on pricey freelancers.

You don't want to end up with unused, costly software, feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces and making it work together. 

Good tools are essential to create a profitable online business and since International business brings on some extra challenges, you want to have the front and back of your business run smoothly.

After experimenting with several options I fell in love with Kajabi.  Today I am a proud Kajabi partner and my links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, I am not being super enthusiastic because I am an affiliate. I am affiliate because I am super enthusiastic! It is just really good stuff and will make your life as a cross-border entrepreneur a lot...

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The International Entry Checklist

Check if you are on track before your International Launch