When I started to work as a content manager for one of the most successful female online entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, it struck me that she had EVERYTHING to help people way beyond the borders of her country, yet her events, webinars and digital content were in her native language, which prevented her to expand to foreign markets.

She is a visionary person, very skilled in doing what needs to be done to reach business goals, including a good amount of comfortzone stretching.

It made me realize, if a non-native English speaker with that much entrepreneurial skills and qualities, still feels reluctant to take the step to go international, this will be an increasing problem for online business owners worldwide, who speak a language other than English. I decided to use my experience in cross-border business to help entrepreneurs like her. That is how I found my niche.

So many people from non-native English speaking countries (Europeans for instance) who are...

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The 9 Most Important Steps for Successful Online Course Creation for a Global Market

Things you need to consider before you launch your global course as a non-native English speaker: 

- The Best Topics for Your Global Online Courses

- Be Sure There Is a High Demand for Your Idea

- Get the Best Learning Outcome and Transformation for Your Customers

- How to Choose and Collect Content for Your Course

- Plan Your International Course and the Modules

- Use Engaging and Effective Delivery Methods

- Prepare, Record and Edit Videos That Resonate With Your Customers Worldwide

- Build, Market, Launch and Sell Your Online Course to a Global Market

- Spoil Your Customers Within and Across Borders, Get Paid, and Have Them Buy Again and Again


As a global online entrepreneur you will move closer to building the life and business you love. Your talent helps you to create highly engaged email lists, create online training courses, and use online marketing strategies to sell...

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There is a good chance, you might not even realize what a GREAT advantage it is, to be a native English speaker when having an online business. English is the founding and number 1 language of the Internet, with roughly 2 billion English speakers, of which more dan half speak it as a second language. That makes it the largest language by number of speakers (native & non-native). 

If you are a native English speaker, you can multiply your reach big time, by considering organizing your courses in such a way that they can be optimally distributed and received internationally.

For non-native English speakers, choosing English for your business does not mean you don’t appreciate your local customers and language. It means you make an incredible wise business decision. What you offer is valuable for people, so why limit yourself and your prospects by borders or language. 

Research has shown, that the number one non-native English speaking country in the...

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Developing a high-quality product that sells in multiple countries, is nearly impossible without conducting market research. If your target group is located in various regions worldwide, then language & culture differences need to be bridged. International market research doesn’t have to be extremely thoroughly, but there really is a bare minimum of effort you need to do.

1. Identify opportunities to serve customers from different countries

To assume you know what your customers in different corners of the world think and want, can be harmful for your business. Never stop to put serious effort in meeting the needs of your customers. Even when your business is super successful and it seems that everything you touch turns to gold, stay open for feedback at all times and never stop wondering what products and services your customers need, and what they think of yours, so you can keep developing and get even better.

2. Examine the size of the markets you want to target


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If you are seeking to get more income, a job, or change your existing job based on your skills, there is not a beter time to take that step than now.

Thanks to the Internet and nearly seamless international payments methods, cross-border business is nearly barrier free. It brings on massive opportunities for international expansion, even if you are a non-native English speaker.

Actually your possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to raising your income. Your skills, education, and knowledge can easily be turned into profitable online products and you can work from anywhere in the world.

Richard Carlson said: “The old adage, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, isn't always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”

This is such an excellent opportunity! We live in an era where great new...

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kajabi online business Mar 09, 2020

No matter what your current business state is, starter or experienced, there are impressive tools that can save you tons of time, automate global marketing activities, and save you lots of money on pricey freelancers.

You don't want to end up with unused, costly software, feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces and making it work together. 

Good tools are essential to create a profitable online business and since International business brings on some extra challenges, you want to have the front and back of your business run smoothly.

After experimenting with several options I fell in love with Kajabi.  Today I am a proud Kajabi partner and my links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, I am not being super enthusiastic because I am an affiliate. I am affiliate because I am super enthusiastic! It is just really good stuff and will make your life as a cross-border entrepreneur a lot...

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financial freedom mindset Mar 05, 2020

The part of us that is hiding, is often doing so because of fear to be judged. This part is longing to belong, and feels scared about what others think, afraid to be rejected.

The more people see of you, the more opinions, judgements, projections and rejections right? But also the more love, respect and connection. Being rejected is okay. See it as survival of the fittest, yet more like survival of the best fit. That is how you build your tribe.

The people that love you for who you are, for your work, and the value you offer, will stick around. The ones that are being negative about you or your work, are worthy to let go. This creates a healthy and natural selection of your contacts.

You can’t meet everyone’s expectations and at the same time stand in your own center of alignment. When what you offer, makes other people feel uncomfortable, they are simply not your ideal customer. Wanting to please as many people as possible is an ancient protection mechanism that...

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Have you ever heard of MOOCs? 

They are super popular amongst students and universities worldwide. MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). They are free online courses available for ANYONE to enroll and are attracting learners with different learning styles from all over the world.

Initiated by a range of prestigious universities, including Harvard and Stanford, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have drawn substantial attention from both academia and the public.

It changed the way the world learns and made knowledge accessible for all people, regardless budget, abilities, development level or previous education. It is open for every world citizen. 

As with many things there are supporters and opponents, yet personally I think it is one of the most beautiful developments possible thanks to the internet to learn new skills, advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. 

You have MOOCs in many languages and as a global online...

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International business is not for everyone

International business is not for ignorant and closed minds. Prejudice is in many cases inherently unjust. It relies upon a stereotypical generalization of others. In some cases, views are so exaggerated and misconceived that they become a serious hurdle in building a global online business. 

To be successful in an international market it is of vital importance to be open minded and genuine, and not make judgements based on nationality, language, age, education-level, economic or cultural background, beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, and so on. It is about seeing the beauty of the possibilities, creative freedom and opportunities the Internet offers people, to share their talents and knowledge.

Diversity is the lifeblood of international business, and humanity in general. So don't let fear of differences stop you. Your idea, skill, talent or passion can be valuable for others, no matter what country or background...

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In an International market, you have a significant larger reach, yet also more competition. The more reason to be yourself and share your unique approach. Like a fingerprint or DNA, your uniqueness in the world is your entrepreneurial power when emphasized. Don't let anyone feed your self-doubt. Stick to your message and keep moving forward. Make sure that not being a native in all the markets you target, doesn't become an excuse, or a speed bump.

You can't do things perfect, since perfect for the one, is imperfect for the other. So get rid of perfectionism and remember perfect often makes customers feel they’re presented with something too 'salesy'. Go with authentic and as long as there aren’t any major problems in understanding what you sell, people won’t mind if it’s not flawless. They want value and the knowledge you offer about your niche.

Too often we compare where we're at, to where others are. This makes us...

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The International Entry Checklist

Check if you are on track before your International Launch