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Emma Barnafo, Innate Expressions

Quite some time ago, I stumbled upon Karin's Instagram feed @picturestorytelling and I was immediately drawn in and hooked!

She has a way of capturing the most basic and everyday things, things we tend to overlook; zoom into them and introduce another reality! Whether it was a phenomenal macro shot of the underside of a leaf, or the toothless grin of a local person in the streets of Bali, or some gorgeously plated cuisine at a local eatery, or the layout of some local produce in a marketplace, the effect was the same. 

I was always 'hooked and drawn in', and left with a feeling of gratitude about a new reality. Wondering 'how come I never saw this from that perspective before'? I want to learn how to do that!

Karin has the uncanny ability to zoom into the mundane and evoke emotion that one might not know existed or that they were capable of. 

So when I learned that Karin was creating a course, it was a done deal! I had to take it! Karin is the best at what she does, and I choose to learn from the best!

Martine Keukenkamp, TulaLife

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin. She provided tremendous support during the launch of my online coaching business. Karin is a pleasure to work with - professional, collaborative, proactive, and has a keen eye for opportunities that may not be apparent to you (yet). She is a skilled photographer, copywriter and storyteller who can fully engage you visually and textually with her narrative. I wholeheartedly recommend her course!

Jilles van Dam
An inspiring and involved leader, that's how I know Karin. She empowers and enchants the people around her with her loving, positive and creative view of the world. With her inspired storytelling skills, she takes you all the way into her life.
Last year Karin lived in Ubud, Bali with her husband Eugene and made amazing Instagram stories about their daily life. In addition, she has actively worked to help street dogs in Bali. I love her skills, personality and creativity!

Nelleke Stark

Fantastic complete course with all the ins and outs you didn't know you needed. In addition, Karin is also a very pleasant person with a trained eye for beauty, which she shares in a unique and joyful way.

Highly recommended!

Nduwa Mukaba Chiponge

The fact that Karin is able to communicate emotions and share her perception through simple forms of media, like pictures, videos, and music, is truly remarkable. It's also great to see that her work transcends cultural, racial, and generational boundaries, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Overall, Karin has a unique and powerful way of creating and sharing content that resonates with many different people. It's always inspiring to see artists who are able to convey such complex emotions and ideas through their work.

Lotus Zweers

Karin shares amazing photos and stories. The way she expresses and translates what she encounters on a daily basis is remarkable and unique. What she teaches is very inspiring and valuable.

Fernanda Morales Días

El impacto de una buena historia es lo que hace la diferencia entre comunicar y conectar con tu audiencia. El curso de Karin es justo lo que necesitas para que tu marca y tu negocio despeguen. Sumamente útil e inspirador: la mejor inversión!

Marleen Sahetapy

Photography, image-interpretation and stories are important to stand out nowadays. There is so much power in visual storytelling. I truly enjoy all the content Karin shares and how she takes me along into her view of the world around her. It's super valuable to learn from her skills.

Maartje Mossou

Since I started following Karin on Instagram, she has amazed me with her ability to transform 'everyday life' into something magical through images that radiate love and kindness. Her work is always positive, yet never feels unreal. Instead of simply beautifying things, she has a talent for amplifying and emphasizing what has been right in front of you all along and that skill is a mighty valuable communication tool.

Myrddin Baars

I've always thought this part of my business (creating scroll-stopping content) was something I'd want to outsource, but even if photography or content creation is not your core business, Karin's course is such an eye-opener. It makes both the content creation process and outsourcing it, so much easier! I'd recommend this course to any online entrepreneur or business owner who wants a better online presence.

Vera Prillevitz

Having a content strategy including a visual narrative is necessary more than ever in this fast-paced world where visibility is essential for every professional and business owner. And if you are a visual person, like me, it is a must. Visual storytelling influences how people experience your communication and (personal)brand, which is why I highly recommend this course. This course is well set up, and the knowledge and tips are easy to implement.

Besides that, Karin has a wonderful positive personality, is a great teacher, communicator and role model who shows you the way.

Caroline @caroline_ceramic

I love beautiful images that transport me to dreamy places and moments, creating a world that captivates and allows me to bring my visions to life. Images that touch me deeply. @Picturestorytelling is an account that takes me on a journey, sometimes far away but also close to home. It revolves around everyday life and how Karin captures those moments through her lens, or by sharing inspirational posts as examples. I'm eager to learn how you evoke such strong feelings and emotions with both still and moving pictures.