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Hi, I am Karin! I'm here to help you take your online course international.

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Thank you for your interest in my digital products for international online course creators. Let me tell you a bit more about how this started.
As a foreign exchange student at a Western New York high school, I learned the great benefits and joy of connecting with people across borders. At that time, I wasn't the only foreign exchange student at the school. We were a group of 7 students from 7 different nationalities, all of us speaking different language. We had no choice but to find a way to connect, to be able to become friends and let the magic happen. The English language connected us, even though none of us spoke the language fluently.
That year I developed a truly international mindset that brought us all so much good; life lessons, trust and friendship. I became excited to help other people to discover the same amazing benefits. 


In 1997 I took the first steps on the road to entrepreneurship. I was 24 years old and started a store specialized in baby items and advice for young parents. It was quite the challenge and despite the hard work, not profitable. After two years I decided to sell the store. Not an easy choice, but for sure the best one at that moment. I chose to embark on the biggest, dearest project of my life: my 3 sons. I put all my love, creativity and ambition into my young family.
From 2007 to 2009 I studied at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and became a professional photographer. At the same time, I helped my husband, who is a psychologist, build and run a successful private practice. 
It was through him that I wondered if there wasn’t a better way to share knowledge than via the one-on-one sessions he offered.
At the time I was working as a team leader at an International security company. In my evenings and weekends I started to build him a website in two languages, Dutch and English, because the value was so universal. Along the way I learned so many important nuances for international online business that I hadn't anticipated, details I wished I'd known earlier in the process.
These are the nuggets that I now share in my online course to help many local entrepreneurs expand their businesses internationally.
Today I combine my experience in international business, as well as photography and content creation, with my mission to encourage people to share and sell their expertise by creating online courses that are fit for global markets, with special focus on non-native English speakers and the legal aspects of running a cross-border business.

Located in the Netherlands, Working Worldwide

I live in the Netherlands, my native language is Dutch. English is my 2nd language and since it is the #1 Internet language, you can imagine how building a business in a widely accepted language like English will massively broaden your reach as an online entrepreneur.
I did some research and I noticed how many local entrepreneurs and non-native English speakers were struggling with several limiting aspects of "going global". So I decided to do something to help.
Fasr forward to the present day and you'll find me teaching online entrepreneurs, who work locally in their home country and are non-native English speakers, to take the right action steps for global success. AND I LOVE IT!!!

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