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I'm combining years of experience as an entrepreneur, photographer and content creator, with my mission to encourage people to share and sell their knowledge by creating online courses, with special focus on International.

Located in the Netherlands, working worldwide

Why limit yourself when the world is at your feet? International Business has never been this easy!
Become an online entrepreneur today. I offer the support you need to start, scale and sell an online course and help you turn doing what you love into a profitable business. 
I am  located in the Netherlands and work online and worldwide. I decided to become a Kajabi Partner and support you to reach your goals as an online entrepreneur. I truly belief in the effectiveness and elegance of this platform.

How I Started

When I was 18 years old I graduated from High School in Western New York. As a foreign exchange student I learned the great joy of connecting beyond borders and without prejudice.
I wasn't the only foreign exchange student at this specific High School. We were a group of 7 students from 7 different nationalities, speaking all an other language. We had no choice than to find a way to connect, to be able to become friends and let the magic happen.
And so it did.


In 1997 I took the first steps on the road to entrepreneurship. I was 24 years old and started a store specializing in baby items and advice to young parents. It was quite the challenge and despite the hard work, not profitable. After two years I decided to sell the store.   
Not an easy choice, but for sure the best one at that moment. I chose to embark on the biggest, dearest project of my life: my 3 sons. I put all my love, creativity and ambition into my young family.
From 2007 to 2009 I studied at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and became a professional photographer. At the same time, I helped my husband, who is a psychologist, run a successful private practice. It was through him that I wondered if there wasn’t a better way to share knowledge than by the one-on-one sessions he offered.
After months of trying to figure out what was needed to run a profitable online business, I learned about the all-in-one platform Kajabi. I WISHED I found this earlier and am committed to helping people find and understand its benefits as well.

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