Turn Your Knowledge Into Digital Products You Can Sell Worldwide!

Turn Your Knowledge Into Online Products You Can Sell Worldwide

Would you like to get help ALL YEAR long with getting your online business ready for an international market, even if English is not your first language?

Imagine how much more impact & profit you can have when increasing your reach, and how much value you can add to people's lives worldwide?

Would you like to get help ALL YEAR long with getting your online business ready for an international market, even if English is not your first language?

Imagine how much more impact & profit you can have when increasing your reach, and how much value you can add to people's lives worldwide?

Grow Your Business Beyond Your Country Limits!

A whole year business guidance, to grow and expand your company from national to international markets.

NOW for only €47,- 

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I believe non-native English speakers (NNES) like Europeans have SO much value to share with the world. Yet they often keep it national because of language limitations and mindset! This program will help you take the steps towards bringing your knowledge to a global stage.


Do you want help expanding and establishing your online company across borders? Do you feel held back by the fact that English is not your native language? Do you want a step-by-step strategy, tips and advise that'll help you get this dream of the ground?

Do you recognize these

  You want to help and inspire others

  You have great ideas and big dreams

  You want to positively impact more lives

  You want to increase your profit

  You know that what you teach can be helpful for people around the world

  You want to grow bigger as a business and personal brand 

  You think your English is not fluent enough

  You are concerned about the extra work

  You are not sure where to start

  You are afraid to lose local clients

  You think you need success in your native language first

  You are worried that a worldwide marketplace is too crowded already 

You Want More.

More impact.
More Reach.
Direct effect and applicability.
Less figuring things out alone.


With people who have already taken these steps!


In the Year Program you will receive super valuable tips, videos and lessons, every week for 12 months, that will help you all year round. Not too complicated, but accessible and directly applicable. In a way that suits you best.

All this for only € 47, -

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The Year Program:

All year long guidance 
    For only €47,-

 A monthly video with tips and advice
    from non-native English entrepreneurs.

Strategic lessons to grow fast 
    No more figuring it out alone

 Weekly lessons and challenges
    For a clear step-by-step approach.

Results guaranteed!
    Own this and see results within a month

 Infinite Access
    Even after finishing the year program

Hi, I am Karin

My mission is to inspire, motivate and help you grow as a non-native English speaking entrepreneur, towards a worldwide market.

If you’re ready to follow your PASSION, expand your REACH and LIVE life to the fullest, you’ve come to the right place. I’m your support on that journey.

I'm combining 22 years of experience in international communication, global marketing and entrepreneurship with my journey of becoming a professional educator for non-native English speakers.

About the Year Program:

When English is not your first language, growing an online business in the number one and founding language of the internet, is not only extremely smart, it can also be incredibly challenging.

With easy to follow tips and masterclasses from experienced entrepreneurs I will help you find the mindset and strategy that supports your online business for international growth.  

All the best strategies for becoming an international entrepreneur as a non-native English speaker - straight to your inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why an Annual Program?
Your business can grow exponentially when transforming it in a way that supports international growth. There is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It takes a mindset-shift and strategic adjustments. That is much like changing a habit. You need to persevere and repeat to succeed. That's why I help you with my best tips and advice for a whole year, to help you pull through.

Will I Learn English?
You will learn English by using it. This is not an English course, if you understand English well enough to follow this program, it is for sure good enough for you to enter foreign markets.

Why 1x a Week?
I will help you implement the lessons and tips in your life and business, so you can gradually make things real. You have 1 week to get started with a lesson and then pick up a new lesson the week after. This gives you time to apply what you've learned.

€ 47,- for a Whole Year of Guidance? How Is This Possible?
I also help people one-on-one with personal coaching. That is a different route, yet I understand this is not for every budget. I believe the world will be a better place when people can share knowledge with more confidence and less barriers, so we can help others grow and develop.

That's why I decided to create something that is accessible to EVERYONE.
Now temporarily only € 47,- for the whole year.
Let's Do This, Join Here!


 Feel confident and motivated you to take the right action steps.

 Meet successful non-native English speaking entrepreneurs to encourage you!

 Get supportive input and incentives to help you persevere all year round.

 Gain confidence to go international, despite not being fluent in English.

 Find the focus that will help you achieve your goals.

 Recognize and deal with unhelpful thinking patterns and limiting beliefs.

What people say about this program:

"As a non-native English speaker from Sweden, my knowledge of the number 1 internet language is adequate, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing business in English. Also afraid that my local customers would drop out. This program changed my mind. Recommended for those in doubt!"


"This program was the start of an incredible journey that helped me overcome the barriers and excuses that kept me from creating an online course for an international market. From mindset to technicalities, no stone left unturned! I now embrace the possibilities and wonder why I didn't do this MUCH sooner!"


"I want to serve clients in both my native language as in English. However, I was also sure it would be DOUBLE the work, to run a bilingual business, so I put my international ambitions on hold. This program is a real eye-opener. It created clarity and made the to-do list in my head comprehensible."


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