Get the Best Possible Reach for Your Business.

I help you succeed in creating a global online business, even if English is not your mother tongue, so you can
start helping clients from all over the world!


You will get:

 insights on
 a step-by-step strategy for going international when English is not your first language

 the mindset that supports your business for global growth

 the secrets on how to earn a lot of money with what you have to offer worldwide



"I believe non-native English speakers (NNES) have SO much value to share with the world. Yet they often keep it national because of mindset & language limitations. Take the first steps towards bringing your knowledge to a global stage". 


Hi, I am Karin

My mission is to inspire, motivate and help you grow as a non-native English speaking entrepreneur, towards a worldwide market.

If you’re ready to follow your PASSION, expand your REACH and LIVE life to the fullest, you’ve come to the right place. I’m your support on that journey.

I'm combining 22 years of experience in international communication, global marketing and entrepreneurship with my journey of becoming a professional educator for non-native English speakers.

Grow Your Business Beyond Your Country Limits!

This €17,50 E-Book is


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What people say:

"Ohh... have I postponed this step for years. I am originally Dutch, my english is fairly okay, but I always thought it would be SO MUCH extra work do target the world in the number one internet language. Karin's e-Book awakened me in many ways. I'm well on my way now to become a global entrepreneur and most important: I believe I can do this!"


"I grew up in a small village and anything bigger than my hometown was 'foreign'. Later on during an international study, I discovered the beauty and advantage of connecting with people from all over the world. I want my business to be as accessible as possible. This E-book is only the beginning of finding a world of possibilities."


"The things we do to keep ourselves comfortable, I've faced them all since starting to work with Karin. If you have only the slightest idea of how thoughts like: "I'll lose local clients when I go global" or "My English is by far not good enough" influence your chances of success... the E-book definitely helps to take those first steps.


The first step to lasting change is awareness

And that is exactly what this E-Book will help you with: making you aware of the possibilities, chances for tremendous growth worldwide, and also the pitfalls and the moments where it is essential to push through.