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What's Included In The Course 

🎓 1 | The Visual Narrative

A visual narrative is more than just a collection of images or videos. It is a strategic and cohesive approach to storytelling that captures the essence of your brand and sets you apart.

Lesson 1 | Storytelling With Pictures: A Different Approach
Lesson 2 | The Most Important Element of All Storytelling
Lesson 3 | Directionality in Pictures
Lesson 4 | How to Create Visual Narrative
Lesson 5 | Animation and Movement
Lesson 6 | Main Hook and Final Message

🎓 Eternal Content: Me, Myself & AI

Are you ready to shake things up and create truly innovative and engaging content? Learn how to harness AI as your assistant while preserving your uniqueness and creativity.

Lesson 1 | Getting Started With AI Tools for Content
Lesson 2 | Balancing AI and Human Input
Lesson 3 | ChatGpt: The AI-Powered Content Assistant
Lesson 4 | Prompt Engineering
Lesson 5 | Generate Ideas and Optimize Content
Lesson 6 | Integrating AI Into Your Brand Strategy

🎓 3 | The Art of Creative Writing

Tap into an infinite source of creativity and freedom of expression that will help you create content with ease and increase conversions.

Lesson 1 | Content People Love to Read & Share
Lesson 2 | The Power of a Great Opening Scene
Lesson 3 | Short Stories
Lesson 4 | Techniques to Spark Original Ideas
Lesson 5 | Crafting Personal Essays With Impact
Lesson 6 | Truth With Style: Creative Nonfiction
Lesson 7 | Journaling Challenge
Lesson 8 | Web Copy That Sells

🎓 4 | Stand Out Photography

Go beyond just capturing an image. Convey emotion and meaning with composition, lighting, and storytelling techniques to create impactful photos.

Lesson 1 | Styles of Photography
Lesson 2 | Cameras and Gear
Lesson 3 | Next Level Photography Skills
Lesson 4 | Composition, Lighting, Props and Sets
Lesson 5 | Photo Editing
Lesson 6 | Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone
Lesson 7 | Stock Images
Lesson 8 | Images That Help You Stand Out From the Crowd
Lesson 9 | How to Acquire Clients With Photography Technique

🎓 5 | Video & Editing

Turn your ideas into engaging videos to share on YouTube and other social media platforms. Learn to shoot, edit, create intros, animated titles and special effects.

Lesson 1 | Cinematography: Motion-Picture Photography
Lesson 2 | General Composition of a Scene
Lesson 3 | Exposure and Lighting
Lesson 4 | Gear: Keep It Simple
Lesson 5 | Camera Angle and Movements
Lesson 6 | Reels, Short Videos, Special Effects & Sound
Lesson 7 | Color Grading
Lesson 8 | Captivating Intros for Your Videos

 🎓 6 | Supercharge Your Design Skills

This is going to be a super creative week! Create your own amazing design or outsource your design needs with confidence and expertise. Stand out & become unforgettable online.

Lesson 1 | Visual Communication
Lesson 2 | Branding Communication
Lesson 3 | Canva: Graphic Design made easy
Lesson 4 | Art History
Lesson 5 | Design Theory
Lesson 6 | Color Theory
Lesson 7 | Typography
Lesson 8 | Graphics

🎓 7 | Mesmerizing Marketing

Let's find out how to benefit from the fact that the communication gap between businesses and customers is smaller than ever before thanks to the Internet.

Lesson 1 | Picture Stories That Attract Customers Who Pay, Stay, and Refer
Lesson 2 | The Way Products, Services and Businesses Are Advertised
Lesson 3 | Leveraging AI for Evergreen Content Marketing Strategies
Lesson 4 | Highly-Qualified Leads
Lesson 5 | Picturing Authenticity for Trust

🎓 8 | The Untapped Potential of Social Media

The potential of reaching more people via social media is still underestimated. Let's dive deeper into this critical way to interact with your customers.

Lesson 1 | The Ever Rising Tide of Social Media
Lesson 2 | Sentiment in Social Media
Lesson 3 | AI-Driven Strategies for Social Media Success
Lesson 4 | Interests, Behaviors and Habits
Lesson 5 | Valuable Signals and Irrelevant Noise
Lesson 6 | Business Potential
Lesson 7 | Reputation Management

🎓 9 | Authentic Audience Engagement

How to connect with your audience in a way that portrays you, your brand and your product or service in the most authentic way.

Lesson 1 | How to Get Engagement and Why It’s So Important
Lesson 2 | Cognitive, Emotional, or Affective Experiences With Your Content or Brand
Lesson 3 | Tailor Your Approach
Lesson 4 | Your Brand Ambassadors
Lesson 5 | The Psychology Behind Responding
Lesson 6 | Creating Buzz and Building Referrals

🎓 10 | Communicating for Impact

This week it all comes together! Your message will be a scroll stopper, the captions are short, sweet & understood and most importantly: your content inspires action.

Lesson 1 | Improve the Way You Communicate
Lesson 2 | The Power of Storytelling in Communication
Lesson 3 | Significance, Substance and Sincerity
Lesson 4 | How to Disarm Even the Harshest Critic
Lesson 5 | Infuse Your Personality
Lesson 6 | Success, Effectiveness, and Confidence

Picture Storytelling for Business Growth

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Modular Approach

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I'm Karin



Even though I'm a trained photographer educated at the Photoacademy in Amsterdam, it wasn’t until I took the leap and started teaching others about creating mesmerizing visuals and captions that I felt successful in my business. Now I’m empowering others through online courses to do the same. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

"The Picture Storytelling course  covers so much. After only 10 weeks my content strategy drastically changed and it works!"

- Michelle Dewi

"To be honest, I always blamed the algorithm. I wish I'd known sooner what I know now thanks to this course!"

- Marco van de Ven

"Showing up, posting on repeat, it often gave me headaches. This course is an eye opener! I enjoy creating content much more now."

- Marieke Jenseling

Picture Storytelling for Business Growth

Payment Plan


6 monthly payments


Pay In Full


SAVE $195