financial freedom mindset Mar 05, 2020

The part of us that is hiding, is often doing so because of fear to be judged. This part is longing to belong, and feels scared about what others think, afraid to be rejected.

The more people see of you, the more opinions, judgements, projections and rejections right? But also the more love, respect and connection. Being rejected is okay. See it as survival of the fittest, yet more like survival of the best fit. That is how you build your tribe.

The people that love you for who you are, for your work, and the value you offer, will stick around. The ones that are being negative about you or your work, are worthy to let go. This creates a healthy and natural selection of your contacts.

You can’t meet everyone’s expectations and at the same time stand in your own center of alignment. When what you offer, makes other people feel uncomfortable, they are simply not your ideal customer. Wanting to please as many people as possible is an ancient protection mechanism that will not bring you further in developing your business.

Time to unhide yourself!

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