If you are seeking to get more income, a job, or change your existing job based on your skills, there is not a beter time to take that step than now.

Thanks to the Internet and nearly seamless international payments methods, cross-border business is nearly barrier free. It brings on massive opportunities for international expansion, even if you are a non-native English speaker.

Actually your possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to raising your income. Your skills, education, and knowledge can easily be turned into profitable online products and you can work from anywhere in the world.

Richard Carlson said: “The old adage, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, isn't always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”

This is such an excellent opportunity! We live in an era where great new things are possible thanks to the internet. Don't let language or cultural differences stop you. We are all human.

Passive Income Thanks to the World Wide Web

Although the Internet is already part of our lives for some decades, still not many people are truly aware of the chances it offers to create a sustainable, passive income by making the best use of the World Wide Web.

Whether you're looking to make money fast, or you're after a more durable income, there are good options to make money online, and it isn't as difficult as it seems, however it does take inventiveness and perseverance.

When creating passive income, you do the work one time and get paid repeatedly. You invest the time at the front-end and bring in the profit on the back-end. This means it starts with putting in time you don’t get paid for yet, but after a while. 

Take Time

Taking time is important when building any business. While some ways of making online profit will provide you with immediate results, others need a long term vision and patience. If you don’t have time or don’t want to spent time, creating a sustainable income is an impossible task. That might be the reason why so many people get stuck in their nine-to-five job, since their job takes all their time, there is not enough time left to invest in building an online business. Time really is money, and making money takes time.

Employment gives you income security and that is important when you are responsible for family income, mortgage, rent, and so on. However that sense of security doesn't exactly empower you to search for new ways to earn an income, even if the pay might be higher and give you financial freedom, many choose for security over exploring new ways to generate income. To be successful, you need to adjust your mindset, because if you don’t believe you can, you can’t.

There are many ways to generate an income passively on the internet, many of which start at the foundation of having a blog, generating substantial traffic and building an audience and a list. It's not easy, but it’s a very serious option to create passive income online. 

1. Sell Your Own Products

Along with selling your own digital or physical products, you'll need a website and a hosting account. You'll also need a merchant account like ones offered by Stripe or PayPal. Then you'll need to design that site, build a sales funnel, create a lead magnet and use email marketing. If you want to sell physical products you'll also need to worry about things like ecommerce and fulfillment software, warehousing and a refund plan. And when you have that all set, you need traffic to get things going. For traffic you need SEO search engine optimization, and an advertising strategy like Facebook ads, social media campaigns, and other. 

Kajabi: It helps to work with an all-in-one platform, like my earlier mentioned ‘all time favorite’ Kajabi, for online course creators.

Shopify: If you want to create your own storefront, you can create a Shopify store. You could also install WooCommerce as a plugin and run your ecommerce store from your blog. You'll need an SSL certificate and a way to process payments, but you might find the following easier to get up and running fast to start selling immediately. 

Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA): Start selling on the largest online store in the world without worrying about traffic or spending time to build your own infrastructure. All processes will be automated and in exchange, you pay a commission. 

Drop-shipping: Amazon offers one form of drop-shipping, but there are other resources for drop-shipping products that you'll never actually have to see or handle yourself. You'll simply need to close the sale. Providers like SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, and many others, offer a resource for drop-shipping your products.  

2. Start a Blog

If you're serious about making money online, start a blog. Blogging is one of the easiest and most sustainable income sources. Setting your blog up right, with a good domain name (preferably a .com domain), targeting the right audience in a unique, profitable niche, will help you in a big way to generate a significant passive income.

3. Email Marketing

Create a lead magnet that you can use in your sales funnel to set up an e-mail marketing campaign. E-mail marketing is proven to be very effective if you do it well, deliver value and don’t pitch in every email. There are many ways to get people on your list, but lead magnets are a good resource. Just to give you some examples: you can create a video training (in for instance 3 parts), design a checklist or a mini-course, ebook, or share a valuable infographic This so called ‘Freebie’, your lead magnet, is the start of your sales funnel. 

4. Webinars

A great way to make a significant amount of money online, is through webinars. You'll need a niche and know what you are talking about. Do lots of research and share valuable, unique content with your audience, so they know you are the go-to-person in your field. You need to have an online presence, either a good social media following or a website and preferably both. Also you need a product to sell at some point. 

5. The App Economy

The app economy is for you if you want to earn cash immediately. No need to set anything up, since you use apps to join, for instance: AirBnb, Ebates, iBotta, Inbox Dollars, Postmates, Swagbucks, Task Rabbit, Uber or Lyft.

6. Use Existing Websites

You could invest in creating digital designs that then can be sold on merchandise. Again, devote a sizable portion of your time to passive income so that you can slowly build up earnings that will arrive on autopilot without any extra added effort. 

Of course, a large portion of these sites do have their own respective apps. 

Cafe Press: Create digital designs and sell them on the platform. You never have to deal with logistics like printing, warehousing and customer service and still earn a commission for every sell. If you have graphic design skills this is for you! 

Craigslist: Sell your used stuff with ease, rent out a spare room in your home or apartment, or offer your services to the world. 

Etsy: Sell any handmade items online without a complex ecommerce site of your own, marketing automation or a merchant account. You can also sell digital products or designs.

Fiverr: Offer gigs as low as $5 but also get paid more for upgrades and add-ons  

Flippa: If you like buying and selling, you could use Flippa, and its higher-end counterpart: Deal Flow Brokerage to buy and sell websites for a profit. You'll need to know what you're doing here, but if you do, you can generate a sizable income by flipping websites for profit

Shutterstock and iStockPhoto: A great potential source for passive income if you are a photographer, to sell photos on a leading photography site. A great potential source for passive income. 

Threadless: Threadless also allows you to sell digital designs in the form of t-shirts and other merchandise such as phone cases, mugs, beach towels and so on, similar to CafePress. 

Upwork: Offer any professional service at a reasonable price, without a website of your own or a merchant account. 

Zazzle: Somewhat similar to Etsy, Zazzle helps virtually anyone to make money online selling a variety of items. 

7. Become an Affiliate

There are many resources for making money online as an affiliate. Larger companies often have their own affiliate programs, but you can also source products from ClickBank, Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Rakuten Marketing, Share-a-Sale and many others. 

I hope this article gives you an idea of ​​the possibilities of making money online. Although it is now easier than ever before to do business internationally, it does not come naturally. It takes creativity, authentic ideas, patience and perseverance. With those qualities, you can certainly go far. Cherish and use them well.

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