International business is not for everyone

International business is not for ignorant and closed minds. Prejudice is in many cases inherently unjust. It relies upon a stereotypical generalization of others. In some cases, views are so exaggerated and misconceived that they become a serious hurdle in building a global online business. 

To be successful in an international market it is of vital importance to be open minded and genuine, and not make judgements based on nationality, language, age, education-level, economic or cultural background, beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, and so on. It is about seeing the beauty of the possibilities, creative freedom and opportunities the Internet offers people, to share their talents and knowledge.

Diversity is the lifeblood of international business, and humanity in general. So don't let fear of differences stop you. Your idea, skill, talent or passion can be valuable for others, no matter what country or background you're from. I’ll teach you to develop online courses for an International market. 

I have developed a program for online course creators who operate in their own country, or are non-native English speakers (NNES), and want to expand their online course business worldwide. Find more information about the program here.

Are you an artist, a stay-at-home parent, an expert from experience, a hairdresser, teacher, cook, yoga fanatic, dj, photographer, manager, dentist, contractor? Or do you know a lot about Paris or Tanzania? Maybe you are an accountant, goat farmer, personal trainer, midwife or author? There is really no job, hobby or passion, not suitable to share in online content. Give it some thought. Being a part of global education is more within reach than ever before.

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