When I started to work as a content manager for one of the most successful female online entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, it struck me that she had EVERYTHING to help people way beyond the borders of her country, yet her events, webinars and digital content were in her native language, which prevented her to expand to foreign markets.

She is a visionary person, very skilled in doing what needs to be done to reach business goals, including a good amount of comfortzone stretching.

It made me realize, if a non-native English speaker with that much entrepreneurial skills and qualities, still feels reluctant to take the step to go international, this will be an increasing problem for online business owners worldwide, who speak a language other than English. I decided to use my experience in cross-border business to help entrepreneurs like her. That is how I found my niche.

So many people from non-native English speaking countries (Europeans for instance) who are skilled or learning to do business online, don't get help with taking the extra step that MULTIPLIES their reach.

Why limit yourself to widely spread the valuable content you have to offer? Why stick to the language that limits your business growth?

The main thing that needs to be done, for you to succeed, is face your fears, fix your mindset and switch to English: the number one and founding language of the internet.

THAT is where Eugene comes in, certified psychologist, specialized in self-image and personal growth and... the love of my life, which is no coincidence. He truly is an amazing person, genuine, authentic and mega skilled.

Now we have joined forces to help you launch internationally!

Eugene is going to guide you to a way of thinking that supports international growth, and I will take you through all the technicalities.

Is English not your mother-tongue while you are well aware of how MUCH bigger your reach will be when turning to the number one and founding language of the internet?

👉🏼 You can totally do this, even if you're not a fluent speaker. People don't relate to perfect. People relate to REAL!

Do you postpone the action of going international until a 'better' moment?

👉🏼 There will never be a better moment unless you create it.

Do you say: "Maybe next season, next year or a next lifetime" too often?

👉🏼 Where you are a year from now, depends on the choices you make today.

I can help you!

Scared? Good! We don't grow if we stay with what feels comfortabel.
👉🏼 Doubt is normal. Letting it stop you, is a choice.


The International Entry Checklist

Check if you are on track before your International Launch