The Very First Step: Choose

You might wonder: "Why is this blog only in English, while Karin focuses on International business as well as non-native English speakers?! Why is this website not translated in multiple languages?”

Your native language gives you a greater sense of comfort when doing business, and makes it easier to connect with possible customers in your own country. However, English gives you a far bigger reach and helps you expand your business to new markets. A great reason to stretch your comfort zone.

Now of course you have more than one option. Let me help you by listing 3 options in order of increasing complexity:

  1. Go for 100% English. Love your native-language, but use English for your business.
  2. Focus on a maximum of two languages to build a bilingual business. Create content in both your native language and English: copy your content and translate it to English, have video’s dubbed. When your native language actually is English, you can choose another second language for example Chinese, the fastest growing language in the world, or another language that is big on the internet like Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese. Remember you don’t have to be a fluent speaker, you can outsource almost all translation issues.
  3. Have your content translated in multiple languages. For spoken content in videos or podcasts you may want to consider dubbing or using voice-over services. Find a sound design agency for spoken content in videos or podcasts, for example who work with native voice talents worldwide.

When building a personal brand, option 2 and 3 bring on some extra challenges. People will want to see you personally, so when organizing a live event, you’d need an interpreter and that can get in the way of finding true connection with your customers.

Be creative and you’ll discover more options, yet whatever options you'll find: make a choice and stick with it. Indecisiveness is the enemy of progress. List your options and choose. My advise is to not automatically go for easy. You didn't become an entrepreneur because you are afraid of a challenge or hesitant to leave your comfort zone. Go for what is best for your business and remember it all starts with making a decision. 

It's my mission to convince you of the importance of making a choice for your business and commit yourself to it. 

Being a non-native English speaker myself, I chose the first option: 100% English, the number 1 and founding language of the internet. I believe my ideal client, who is interested in global business, most likely understands English. 

Choosing a widely accepted language for your business, will increase your reach and multiply your revenue.

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